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**Estimated delivery March/April 2018**


A Fine Art book using the human body as a medium of storytelling. Created by 2 time World Champion Body Artist Sofia Bue.


Bodies of Art is a unique collection of works, using the human body as the canvas. 

Unlike traditional fine art, body art has forever changing and undefined boundaries. A piece of paper has finite space. A painting is finished when the borders are reached. But using the human body, in all its unique beauty, has no limits; The canvas is always changing as the body moves.
Each work combines a range of emotions; It celebrates life, and shows the wonder of the human body.
It connects contemporary fine art practice with an ancient one, and it asks us to look at the familiar in a new way.

Atmospheric behind-the-scenes images and thoughts from the artist bring the creation of each image to life, and give insight into the process.

Written by World Champion Body Artist Sofia Bue, in collaboration with writer and poet, Ben Egerton. 



"The work within the pages of this beautiful art book is a personal odyssey that Sofia has lived through over the past few years. I look forward to see Sofia's book coming of the printers and into the hands of discerning collectors world wide.

- Sir Richard Taylor


"Visually delicious and thoughtfully inspiring.  Sofia weaves her passionate studies on body painting and inspirations into beautiful visual imagery.”  

- Joanne Gair

Bodies of Art Book

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