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The Human Canvas

I probably have one of the most unusual jobs in the world.

I´m an artist who use the human body as my canvas. With paint I create living pieces of art.

But what is body painting really, and why have I chosen this peculiar art form as my medium?In this post I want to give you an insight and an introduction into my world of living art.

Body Art has been used for thousands of years all over the world, and in traditional cultures it often illustrates links between history, spirituality and our bodies.

In the modern world it offer an opportunity to reconnect with a more spiritual way of living.

What I love about body art is that the canvas has forever changing and undefined boundaries. A piece of paper has finite space. A painting is finished when the borders are reached. But using the human body – in all its unique beauty – has no limits; the canvas is always changing as the body moves.

So how did I become a body artist?

As a kid I think I always knew i wanted to do something creative with my life, but without knowing exactly what or how.

It started taking shape when I as a teenager got a face painting job in Legoland. I guess from there the canvas just became bigger and bigger...

Although I later trained as a makeup artist, I always knew i didn´t want to do traditional beauty makeup. Fantasy along with the bizarre and extreme, are more my thing.

There isn´t exactly a school or a degree that will teach you body art. But there is many classes, workshop, and body art events all around the world. In Europe it is very accessible and events, competitions and workshops are held all year round in several countries - thanks to the fantastic team at the World Bodypainting Academy.


I often combine prosthetics with my body art. I design, sculpt, paint and apply - creating everything from start to finish . Each character is carefully planned and it can take several months to design and create every element.

For me any piece of art, and any artform, is about telling a story. A movie, a play, a painting or a sculpture; It is all about evoking emotion.

And body art is a very unique and powerful tool of storytelling.

In your natural nude state you are more connected to your senses, and perhaps because we are exposed and vulnerable, this can offer a window into the soul.

That is why that although I paint on human bodies I prefer to call myself a visual storyteller. Because every artwork tells a story and has so many layers, that it is easy to lose yourself in it.

I hope you have enjoyed this post. Do feel free to comment below with any question, or ideas for future blog posts :)

- Sofia

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