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Why I´ve started this blog and Why you want to read it.

Art cannot exist solely on a canvas or a page.

It is a conversation between the artist and viewer, or the writer and the reader.

A conversation between you and me.

Whether you are an artist, or an art lover; a model, or a writer - this blog is for you. If you need a little inspiration and motivation is you life, or you want someone to share your passion with, you have come to the right place.

Also this blog is for me.

Every day my brain is trying to process all my thoughts and ideas. As much as this blog is about inspiring others, it is also a way to organize my own thoughts and grow as a person.

I´m a full time artist. I am a visual storyteller. I paint on the human body, I sculpt, and I write. I rather be recognized for the overall quality of my art, than limit myself to one style or medium.

Every week I get emails and comments on my art, asking questions - technical questions as well as how to succeed as an artist.

In this blog I will attempt to answer those questions.

We will explore many topics. I will share my own experiences and tricks of the trade. And I also want it to be a conversation between me and you.

I would love to hear your comments and thoughts, as well as ideas for future posts.

#startup #inspiration #motivation

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